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May. 24th, 2014 | 08:13 am
mood: annoyedannoyed

My husband came home from work yesterday and said he was tired. He then disappeared into the bedroom and it sounded as if he were crying. When he finally emerged for dinner, I asked him if he had had a bad day and he said yes.

Other than that, he has been moping and hasn't communicated much at all.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Well, I guess the honeymoon period of his new job is now over. That lasted all of 2 weeks.

I imagine that people would be critical of me for giving up on much of a social life, and for relying on mainly solitary activities to keep me engaged with life. But I simply no longer believe that it is my obligation to compensate for the inadequacy of others. I prefer to let it speak for itself and let it sit there until they are ready to pull themselves together, if they ever are.



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