Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

The World We Live In

A week or so ago my partner and I were coming home from somewhere and a Killers song came on the radio. It reminded me of how much I liked them when I first discovered them, and of the fact that I missed hearing their music. So I pulled out my Killers CDs and Brandon Flowers's solo CD to listen to when I went on my next (solo) road trip.

I was surprised at how many emotions came up upon hearing this music again after some time. Today I was out running errands in the car and listening to their third album, Day and Age, which was my introduction to them. It was one of those cases in which it was the perfect album at the perfect time. It revitalized my interest in popular music, which had waned in the intervening years.

I remember when I first heard their single from that album, "Human." I heard it on a college radio station in the car on my way back from satsang, and I couldn't tell if it was from the 80s or whether it was new. I didn't know who the band was. Some months later, it appeared as a dubbed-over soundtrack to a film clip I saw online, and this time I must have Googled some of the lyrics to try to figure out who the band was. I came upon the video and instantly fell under the spell of Brandon Flowers's quirky charm.

As I reflect back on this now, I can see that the summer I "fell" for The Killers was the summer that I acknowledged that I was pretty well tapped out on making friends with idealistic younger men from the Amma org. I guess I must have transferred some of my feelings from those friendships into the glamour of a young band with an idealistic (but also cleverly ironic) Mormon singer.

One of the themes that comes up in a number of their songs (and in BF's solo work as well) is the struggle to maintain some sort of faith that feels real, while at the same time maintaining relationships with other people that also feel real. He has ways of portraying that kind of tension that is subtle enough that one has to have gone through that sort of thing consciously in order to "get it."

I gotta believe it's worth it,
Without a victory I'm so sanctified and free.
Well, maybe I'm just mistaken.

I had a dream and I was falling down.
There's no next time around.
A storm wastes its water on me,
But my heart was free.

This is the world that we live in.
I still want something real.
This is the world that we live in.
I know that we can heal over time.


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