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Zane Stein

The questions that I had about the relationship of Chiron to Misty's passing, and to pets in general, led me to order a copy of Zane Stein's book on the astrology of Chiron. He claims to be the first to have written a book about the astrological significance of Chiron. It has been revised and reprinted several times, and after a period of unavailability, has become available again in recent years. He used to live in the Atlanta area but now lives in Australia. He is available for consultations. I'm thinking of contacting him.

Toward the beginning of his book he points out that the orbit of Chiron is in between that of Saturn and Uranus. He compares the past-oriented nature of Saturn and the future-oriented nature of Uranus (which was discovered between the American and French Revolutions) to the mediating function of Chiron. Just today I noticed that, on my Islamic calendar, there is a quote from Rumi: "Through your deepest wound light enters." That's a fairly succinct summary of what Chiron's energy can be like.

Following from a passage in Stein's book in which he compares the cycles of Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron in the lives of individuals, I tested this out with respect to my own life. For most people, the second square of Saturn and the first square of Uranus occur at around age 21. The timing of the first square of Chiron varies widely, depending on the sign it is in when one is born. People with Chiron in Pisces, as I have, have their first square later than others. These squares are taken to be critical points in one's growth.

In my case, the Uranus square came in 1982, which is when I had my first affair in college. Typical for Uranus, the impulse rules the moment: act first, then ask questions later (if ever). Next came the second square of Saturn, in the fall of 1983. The questions on my mind at that point were: How is my family going to deal with my sexuality? and What will I do when I graduate college? I entered therapy for the first time during that semester. I also settled into my most stable dating relationship up to that time, later that semester. The Chiron square happened repeatedly from the summer of 1984 to the spring of 1985. That was when my mother put two and two together and outed me. I also landed a full-time job and moved out of my parents' house during that time. By the end of that period I was in a semi-serious relationship with someone with whom I remained involved for several months.

The way I see it, this was a critical period for sexual expression and for identity formation (or adjustment) around that. The third stage of the process involved a decision--being outed/coming out, and moving out--which is a typical outcome for a transit involving Chiron.

Other research has shown that, when the area of my chart that contains Chiron has been transited by other planets, there is a tendency for me to feel extremely vulnerable and to experience intense emotional pain, with its typical manifestations of depression, anxiety, and seeking after new and different experiences (perhaps in order to replace painful feelings associated within things from the past). During these times, some of my responses may appear to others to be exaggerated and out of proportion to the stimuli that have provoked them, but they aren't really. I think that one of the things that may be going on is that, with the rift with my family over my sexuality being unhealed for so many years, I seem to have looked elsewhere for sources of positive feelings (relationships, friendships, career, spiritual organizations and practices, pets) and--when the security offered by these alternative sources appeared threatened or involved loss--lots of unhealed issues around loss of security and status in my family of origin would come rushing to the surface, along with feelings particular to the current loss.

One thing that I can say about my current situation is that it has slowed me down from the pace at which I had been working prior to Misty's illness and passing. Because of the manner in which I had been working up until that point, it has been easier for me to accept this period of relative pause and disengagement without fearing so much that it will have a longterm negative impact on my career.



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