Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

More on Chiron

Another book I brought with me to Utah was Zane Stein's A View from Chiron. I actually completed my reading of it there.

Following suggestions for investigation in that book, I generated several reports in my astrology software and compared the dates that were highlighted with events in my life.

The emphasis of Chiron is on woundedness. Perhaps not surprisingly, three times that seemed to stand out astrologically with respect to Chiron were the time around which I came out to my family, the time when my husband went to Germany to finish his undergraduate education (and began an affair with someone there), and the time when X was messing with my head.

On that latter topic, I asked myself today if I could think of any interactions with X that did not fit the following pattern: he would portray some aspect of his life as being attractive to me; it would be out of reach somehow (supposedly because of timidity on my part, or continuing fidelity to prior commitments); when conflicts would arise, they would be turned around against me in painful and humiliating ways. I tried to think of any of the "episodes" with him that did not fit this pattern. I couldn't think of any.

Following on from my re-reading of Atom, I decided to download the NAJ Chamber of Mystic Hymns from iTunes and to burn it to CD. Somehow I find it useful lately to gather the available resources of NAJ around me, either with a view to letting go of it ultimately, or possibly reconnecting with it somehow.



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