Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

A little uncertain

Today I was feeling a little uncertain about where I stand with respect to academic productivity (teaching and service, as well as research), so I decided to take a few moments to review the solar return chart analysis that I did over the summer.

The solar return chart is a horoscope for the moment of one's birthday in a current, recent, or future year. When one is considering one's current moment, one typically draws up a chart for the previous and subsequent solar returns. It is said that possible events that are indicated in a given solar return chart may go into effect about 3 months before the birthday indicated by the chart.

As I reviewed my file on this, I noted that some of the documents were dated at the end of July. At that time I had doubts about some of the indications of the report for this year, but I let those ride and worked with the standard indications in the solar return book that I had purchased this summer.

I was working on this year's solar return chart about a month before Misty became sick and died. Among the indications in this year's chart are that therapy might be a good idea, and that there would be involvement with religion or philosophy. There were also indications of a changing relationship to situations at work.

In looking back over the last 3 months (the period when the current chart is traditionally said to begin to go into effect), Misty's death at the end of August led to my becoming more involved in Islam and to my considering the idea of possibly resuming some sort of tariqat activity. I also did an impulse buy of Žižek's most recent book (release date Oct 7, 2014) and am finding that it is easier for me to approach than his last major book (from 2012). I went back to therapy and Rosen work, neither of which would have seemed likely in the summer when I drew up the chart.

I am seeing that I have made specific commitments to seek support for myself outside of the realms of work or of my immediate home situation and home circle. I am taking it as a given that work will continue to fail to provide much in the way of support or satisfaction, and so far this has proven to be the case. The difference is that my expressions of anger are somewhat more overt than usual, due in part perhaps to the kinds of mood fluctuations and relaxations of inhibitions of self-expression that can go along with therapy (or even with with bodywork). Thus, it seems as if some of the factors indicated in the solar return chart are working together and reinforcing one another.

I also noted that there are some interesting transits coming up this year. On Dec 25, the transiting Sun will pass over my solar return Mars, and on Jan 1, 2015, it will pass over my solar return Pluto. That's a lot of Scorpionic and malefic energy for the holiday season. Of course, these could be minor blips in the scheme of things, with no noticeable impact. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if anything unusal takes place around then. Other dates to watch out for are Jan 8, a series of astrological configurations in March (some of which may involve issues of health, finances, or loss in general), and June and July.

I find that I have been really tired and rather depressed all weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the entire year will turn out to be "born in sorrow."



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