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So, once I got rolling at work, things weren't so bad. Fortunately it was a shortened day, so maybe that helped.

After I got home I was able to find a little time to get back into my own "space." A friend commented on my previous post. As I read his comment in my email (where I forward comments from LJ), I felt some physical discomfort coming from my left shoulder up toward my neck. I checked the clock and realized that I would probably have time to do a short workout before my husband got home.

After praying Maghrib, I exercised in the basement, and it was definitely a good thing to do. A number of the areas that have been coming up for attention in Rosen started to respond and move more freely.

Also, there's something that I began to consider intellectually this morning, but which may also have deeper emotional and even bodily resonances: my husband's mother died on Feb 26 of last year, we had our cat put down on Aug 28 of last year, and my mother died on Dec 29, seven years and one month ago. I found myself thinking of my husband's mother as I drove to work this morning, in the aftermath of the snow storm. We haven't been to visit her grave since her ashes were interred last June. I mentioned this to him, and it seems that the impending anniversary of his mother's death has started to come to his awareness as well. I suggested that we consider visiting the cemetary once the ground is clear of snow.

Just acknowledging and communicating my awareness of the dates associated with these losses, and the current end of this month, seemed to bring some relief of my difficult feelings from today.

There is also something I read from a book by Peter Wilberg this morning that I found helpful: "An 'inner' feeling for example, is not just something we happen to be aware of within us, but is itself a wordless cognitive awareness of something in our 'outer' world. Hence the importance of feeling feelings with our bodies raher than automatically labelling them in words and objectifying them in our minds. For feelings can, paradoxically, only transform into more aware 'mental' questions and cognitions by patiently 'meditating' or 'ruminating' them--giving them more wordless bodily awareness."



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