Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Soli-lunar journal Feb-Mar 2015 day 3 (Jumada Al-Awwal 2 1436)

This afternoon the Moon enters my 8th house and the Sun transits my natal Jupiter.

Following these events, the Moon will enter its second mansion. In Ibn 'Arabi's interpretation of the lunar mansions, the second mansion signifies the Guarded Table, the Universal Soul. Its letter is ه. Its Divine Name is The One Who Calls Forth (Asma #49), الْبَاعِثُ.

My husband and I were invited to go to his sister's today, but my cold has settled in and snow and ice are predicted for later, so we decided to stay in today and try to see her next week instead.

I plan to take a couple of naps today and to chip away at some reading and some grading.

Yesterday I decided to Skype in to the Toronto Unity Mosque, even though that meant staying longer on campus than I wanted to. One of the founders, Laury Silvers, announced that she would be stepping down from her position at the mosque in order to devote more time to her academic work. She was emotional during the announcement. This underlined for me my ongoing conflicts between trying to be effective academically and "having a life" (however that may defined socialy, spiritually, etc.). It is seeming to me that there is a certain weight of responsibility on those who choose to remain within the academy and that this probably never goes away, unless one walks away from the academy altogether. I see this not as a "solution" but rather as an acknowledgement of an ongoing, significant conflict that may simply be part of the truth of my situation.

After I came home from campus I went to bed and slept for an hour. I got up in time for maghrib, which is when my husband came home. We put dinner together and had a quiet evening.

With respect to academia, my advisee who defended her dissertation in December wrote to say that her teaching position had been upgraded to tenure-track Assistant Professor. That works out well for her, as her husband has a tenure-track appointment at the same university. I had some positive feedback on that news from some colleagues. In general, I have been getting feedback that I am seeing things clearly and am functioning competently. I still don't feel inspired or sufficiently productive as a scholar, but I guess that's an ongoing story.



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