Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Soli-lunar journal Feb-Mar 2015 day 21 (Jumada Al-Awwal 20 1436)

Later this morning the Moon will transit my natal Venus. This evening it will enter Sagittarius.

Early this morning the Moon entered its 19th mansion, The Air, whose letter is ز and whose Divine Name is The Living (#62 of the Asma ul-Husna), الْحَىُّ.

Yesterday--my day "off"--was fairly productive. Consequently I'm really tired this morning and would prefer to stay home, but I'll press on and go through the motions anyway.

Last week I spoke to a student with whom I had worked on a project. He is supposed to present on it and we talked about scheduling that, as I will likely participate in that. It looks as if the fall will be our best option. That conversation stimulated an interest in practicing the piano again, which is something I have pretty much neglected since I returned from Utah in September. Yesterday I wrote to the manager of the recital hall and requested a date for a recital. I wasn't going to do that sort of thing again, since I get so little recognition for it, but as I formulate my ideas for what I want to work on during my sabbatical next spring, it seemed that it might be good to present some of the music I hope to write on in the semester before I go on sabbatical.



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