Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Soli-lunar journal Mar-Apr 2015 day 09 (Jumaada ath-Thaaniyah 08 1436)

Early this morning the Moon moved into my 11th house.

This afternoon it entered its 10th mansion, The Sphere of Stations, Sky of Fixed Stars, Sun of Paradise and Roof of Hell, whose letter is ش and whose Divine Name is The Powerful (#70 of the Asma ul-husna), الْمُقْتَدِرُ.

I enjoyed the Omnia Hegazy concert last night. I wasn't blown away by her songwriting skills, but she and the other musicians are young and appear quite vulnerable. That gave a spontaneously emotional quality to work that is could be classified as urban folk or protest pop.

She is at the point where she has produced two EPs and is working on a full-length album. Here is a video from one of the songs from her first EP, released in 2011:

Today my husband had work to catch up on, as did I, so we stayed home and worked at our computers. I also have been doing laundry today.

I was pretty uninspired today, but at least I finished writing the questions to go along with the musical excerpts that I selected last weekend for a student's comprehensive exams. I also read two dissertation proposals and took care of other school-related taskwork, along with working on course prep for next week.

I'm hoping to open up a little more breathing space tomorrow.



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