Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Srijeda, 26 Džumede-l-uhra, 1436

Planet: Mercury

Prophet: Jesus

The Sun is in 25 Aries: A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold (Sabian symbol for 26 Aries)

The Moon is in 15 Pisces: In the quiet of his study a creative individual experiences a flow of inspiration (Sabian symbol for 16 Pisces)

In the evening, at the beginning of the Islamic day, the Moon transited my natal Jupiter. Overnight the Moon transited my natal Chiron. Just before Maghrib Mars will enter my 9th house.

At about 11:15 in the evening, the Moon entered its 27th mansion, The Man, whose letter is م and whose Divine Name is The Uniter, الْجَامِعُ.

Rosen yesterday seems to have gone rather deep, emotionally and psychologically. Also, I meditated before going to bed.

I am experiencing more and more frequently a sense of embodying what I am feeling, even (and especially) if I'm not sure that I like what I'm feeling. There is something quietly and unapologetically resolute about the way I feel. If I move from a neutral, solemn, or pensive position into humor spontaneously, then I go with that, but when the time for humor is over, it is over.

I seem to be relying less on masks and more on what I am feeling in the moment while, at the same time, discharing my duties as fully as I can.



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