Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Četvrtak, 27 Džumede-l-uhra, 1436

Planet: Jupiter

Prophet: Moses

The Sun is in 26 Aries: Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained (Sabian symbol for 27 Aries)

The Moon is in 23 Pisces: On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction (Sabian symbol for 24 Pisces)

The Moon enters Aries this afternoon.

Between Maghrib and Isha, the Moon entered its 28th mansion, The Hierarchization of the Degrees of Existence, Not Their Manifestation, whose letter is و and whose Divine Name is The One Who Elevates by Degrees, .رَفِيعُٱلدَّرْجَاتُ This afternoon The Moon will enter its 1st mansion, The First Intellect, The Pen, whose letter is أ and whose Divine Name is Divine Essence, الْبَدِيعُ.

Now is the time of the semester for desperate emails from students. Yes, I'm sorry they are having difficulties. Yes, I encourage them to seek the necessary attention from medical and/or psychological professionals. No, I will not grade all of their back homework. No, I do not give "extra credit" to students on demand.

This afternoon I am supposed to go to a meeting to discuss the academic "progress" (or lack thereof) of a student who failed my second-semester class last year and who is in danger of failing it again, due to absences and failure to submit work. He has not submitted a homework assignment since the week of March 9 (and even that one was late), and he has not been to class since March 23. He has missed a total of 21 classes so far (7 weeks' worth of class). I don't see where more talking (and more wasting of my time) will get us, but I'll try not to be too contemptuous.

Hopefully I will manage to open up some time for my own work today.



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