Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Nedjelja, 30 Džumede-l-uhra, 1436

Planet: Sun

Prophet: Idris

The Sun is in 28 Aries: The music of the spheres (Sabian symbol for 29 Aries)

The Moon is in 2 Taurus: Natural steps lead to a lawn of clover in bloom (Sabian symbol for 3 Taurus)

Just before noon, the Moon will enter my 9th house.

In the morning, the Moon will enter its 4th mansion, Al-jawbar-al-habai, The materia prima, whose letter is ح and whose Divine Name is The Last, الآخِرُ.

I spent the past afternoon in New Haven with my husband. We had lunch with a friend, who had to go to a family party afterward. After lunch we got some Italian pastry and walked around for a bit. We came home, had salad for dinner, and then went grocery shopping. Now it's getting to be time for bed.

It was the first really warm, sunny day so far this season.



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