Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Srijeda, 10 Redžeb, 1436

Planet: Mercury

Prophet: Jesus

Moon phase: 1st quarter - Action

The Sun is in 8 Taurus: A fully decorated Christmas tree (Sabian symbol for 9 Taurus)

The Moon is in its 13th mansion, The Third Sky, Sky of Mars and House of Aaron, whose letter is ل and whose Divine Name is The Victorious, الْقَهَّارُ.

In the traditional Arabic system, the 13th mansion is known as Al-Awwa, or Wings of Virgo. Traditional sources say that it is auspicious for the increase of trade and personal money, for the increase of harvests, for the completion of buildings, and for the liberation of captives. Its keywords are conjunction, erotic bond, alchemical marriage, union, sexuality and vital energy. The angel of this mansion is Jazeriel.

The Moon just transited my natal Pluto. In the morning it will cross my natal Ascendant (cusp of 1st house).

During the past day I worked at home. I decided to relax with respect to my usual grading methods. Since the freshmen submitted their final assignments (that is, those who submitted their assignments at all), I will give full credit for completion and then go over them in class. There will also be a quiz in the morning. Hopefully those who have been paying attention will then be ready for their final next week (which I wrote over the weekend and photocopied on Monday). I wrote the last test for my graduate class. Preparation will be minimal for tomorrow's class discussion (i.e., for my presentation, with occasional comments or questions from the students).

I managed to do a bit of work on a self-study astrology course and did a few exercises in French. After turning on to David Giguère's La Noyade, I decided to try to brush up on my French and also learn a bit about Québécois French. It occurred to me today that, when I'm ready, I can go to Interpals to see if there is someone I might be able to correspond with from Québec. I also began to clean my bathroom--a project that is still in progress--and returned empty cans to the grocery store. This afternoon I took a walk--it was warmish and sunny out--and brushed up on my memorization of the 99 Names. Also, in continuing to read Berardi, I seem to be gaining some perspective on some things that have been pissing me off--about my former friends from the cult as well as people that I deal with at the university.



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