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Nedjelja, 14 Redžeb, 1436

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May. 3rd, 2015 | 08:36 am

The Opening Prayer (from Ibn 'Arabi's Awrad al-usbu')

Planet: Sun

Prophet: Idris/Enoch

Moon phase: Gibbous - Overcoming

The Sun is in 12 Taurus: A porter carrying heavy baggage (Sabian symbol for 13 Taurus)

The Moon is in its 17th mansion, which extends from 25 Libra 42 to 8 Scorpio 34. This is the third mansion within the third seven-fold cycle of the 28 mansions.

In Ibn 'Arabi's listing, the 17th mansion signifies The Inferior Sky, Sky of the Moon and House of Adam, whose letter is د and whose Divine Name is The Evident, الْمُبِينُ.

In the traditional Arabic system, the 17th mansion is known as Al-Iklil, or Crown of Scorpio. Its keywords are protection of resources, guardianship, security against predatory beings or forces. Its image is that of a monkey in an iron seal, holding his hands above his shoulders. The angel of this mansion is Adriel.

This afternoon the Moon will transit my natal Sun. Just before Maghrib, it will enter my 3rd house.

I went to a student's composition recital in the evening, and went to bed shortly before getting home. As much of a struggle as this academic year has been, there is something of a feeling of accomplishment as it is drawing to a close.



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