Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Subota, 27 Redžeb, 1436

The Opening Prayer (from Ibn 'Arabi's Awrad al-usbu')

Planet: Saturn

Prophet: Abraham

Moon phase: Balsamic - release

The Sun is in 24 Taurus: A vast public park (Sabian symbol for 25 Taurus)

The Moon is in its 3rd mansion, which extends from 25 Aries 42 to 8 Taurus 34. This is the third mansion within the first seven-fold cycle of the 28 mansions.

In Ibn 'Arabi's listing, the 3rd mansion signifies The Universal Nature, whose letter is ع and whose Divine Name is The Interior, الْبَاطِنُ.

In the traditional Arabic system, the 3rd mansion is known as Ath-Thurayya, or The Many Little Ones. Its keywords are Universal Nature, auspicious fortune, fire of transformation, creative energy, beauty, abundance. Its image is that of a seated woman with her right hand over her head. The angel of this mansion is Amixiel.

Overnight the Moon will enter Taurus.

Today I worked at home, accomplishing some things, failing to accomplish others. One thing I did was to gather financial information in preparation for a meeting with our financial advisor next week. Another thing I did was to recite part of a zikr that Shaykh Taner prescribed for his dervishes for this evening, in commoration of Al-Miraj. He had prescribed 501 recitations of each group of Divine Names, but I did 100. I figured that I would begin gradually rather than to try to do such a long recitation after not having done that sort of thing for some time. I have been included on the email list for official announcements even though I am not officially a dervish. During the recitation, I found that flashes of images of my associates from my previous spiritual group affiliations were coming up, along with some of the feelings associated with those associations. It seems that there is some healing to do around my disappointments during the time when I made the Amma group my focus.



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