Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Subota, 19 Ša'ban, 1436

The Opening Prayer (from Ibn 'Arabi's Awrad al-usbu')

Planet: Saturn

Prophet: Abraham

Moon phase: Full - fulfillment

The Sun is in 15 Gemini: A woman activist in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause (Sabian symbol for 16 Gemini)

The Moon is in its 24th mansion, which extends from 25 Capricorn 42 to 8 Aquarius 34. This is the third mansion within the fourth seven-fold cycle of the 28 mansions.

In Ibn 'Arabi's listing, the 24th mansion signifies The Animals, whose letter is ذ and whose Divine Name is The Humbler, الْمُذِلُّ.

In the traditional Arabic system, the 24th mansion is known as As-Sad As-Su'ud, The Luckiest of the Lucky. Its keywords are multiplication of opportunities, good luck and increase prevailing, fertile proliferation. Its image is that of a woman breastfeeding. The angel of this mansion is Abrinael.

Overnight, the Moon will enter Aquarius (in my 5th house). Soon after that, the Moon will enter its Disseminating phase (signifying "demonstration" of the fruits of the efforts made and experiences had so far within the lunation cycle). In the morning, the Moon will transit my natal South Node and Saturn (both in my 5th house).

I spent this past day working at home. The current day is the start of the weekend.


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