Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Nedjelja, 27 Ša'ban, 1436

The Opening Prayer (from Ibn 'Arabi's Awrad al-usbu')

Planet: Sun

Prophet: Idris (Enoch)

Moon phase: Balsamic Moon - release

Today I am writing in the morning, in between Shuruq (Izlazak Sunca) and Zuhr (Podne).

The Sun has passed through in 22 Gemini: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree (Sabian symbol for 23 Gemini) and is currently in 23 Gemini: Children skating over a frozen village pond (Sabian symbol for 24 Gemini).

The Moon has passed through its 4th mansion, which extends from 8 Taurus 34 to 21 Taurus 25, and is currently in its 5th mansion, which extends from 21 Taurus 25 to 4 Gemini 17. These are the fourth and fifth mansions within the first seven-fold cycle of the 28 mansions.

In Ibn 'Arabi's listing, the 4th mansion signifies Al-jawhar-al-habai, The materia prima, whose letter is ح and whose Divine Name is The Last, الآخِرُ, and the 5th mansion signifies The Universal Body, whose letter is غ and whose Divine Name is The Manifest, الظَّاهِرُ.

In the traditional Arabic system, the 4th mansion is known as Ad-Dabaran, The Follower. Its keywords are Primal Material, discord, enmity, chaotic substance, ill-will and hindrance. Its image is that of an armed man riding a war horse holding a snake in his right hand. The angel of this mansion is Azariel. The 5th mansion is known as Al-Haqa, The White Spot. Its keywords are Universal Body, favor, intellectual activity, health and goodwill, safety. Its image is that of a head without a body. The angel of this mansion is Gabiel.

Overnight, the Moon entered Gemini (in my 9th house). This morning, Saturn entered Scorpio (in my 3rd house).

This past evening I went to the Qadiri-Rifai zikr. As has been the case a couple of times before, I was the only one who attended, other than the couple who hosts the zikr. It definitely got some energy moving. I also felt that I was a bit more open to the energy of this particular lineage than I had been in the past. We talked for a while about a number of things, and I didn't get home until about 11:30.

On the way home I thought about the different place I'm in, heading into this Ramadan, compared to where I was last year, when I decided to stop attending the Naqshbandi zikr that was being held at a yoga studio several towns away from here. It is clear that I have challenged myself to concentrate, to study, and to practice, mainly on my own. I'm open to receiving things that may be useful, and to testing them, but I seem to have a baseline to which I can return, which is building up a "charge" of its own.

Later today, my husband and I plan to visit one or more wineries in the southern part of the state, and then to attend a concert of Renaissance and Baroque music, followed by dinner out.



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