Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Nedjelja, 10 Ševval, 1436

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Sun

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Idris (Enoch)

The Sun is in 2 Leo (in my 11th house): A famous actress stands in front of the mirror and puts up her hair for an upcoming performance. She recites a few lines and, pleased with the result, smiles radiantly. (Symbol for 3 Leo from Martin Goldsmith, The Zodiac by Degrees, 2nd ed.)

The Moon is in the 3rd decan of Scorpio (in my 3rd house): restructuring one's worldview; new spiritual insights which shatter old assumptions. (Keywords from Martin Goldsmith, Moon Phases: A Symbolic Key)

The Sun and Moon are still in their 8th phase (the Moon is between 90 and 120 degrees ahead of the Sun): The Actress. The first act of a romantic comedy: a beautiful woman, wearing a white evening dress and a diamond tiara, is descending a staircase into a garden. There she encounters her two suitors. One is a gardener, who kneels on one leg and offers her a flower. The other is a handsome but haughty aristocrat, who looks intently into the distance. The lady startles him a with a witty remark. (Symbol from Goldsmith, Moon Phases)

Overnight, the Moon will transit my natal Venus (in my 3rd house). In the morning, the Moon will enter Sagittarius (also in my 3rd house).

Sort of a strange day. A home remodeling salesperson was here for several hours this morning. My husband refused to emerge from his room in order to interact with the salesperson. I agreed to a portion of the work I was considering. Afterword, my husband examined several reviews of the company, and suggested that I cancel the agreement. The whole situation was uncomfortable for me, but it at least gave me the opportunity to think through some of the issues that may be need to be addressed with the house.

The Sufi reading group will meet in the morning. Thinking ahead to that, I reflected more on my experience of having the Kali tradition seem to re-emerge into my awareness lately. Ever since I first read Lex Hixon's book on Ramakrishna, I've been looking for ways to substantiate a connection with that tradition. I read the original English version of the Gospel of Ramakrisnha. I attended the Ramakrishna Center in New York a few times. I read about Vivekananda and Sarada Devi. I thought the Amma organization might be a way of connecting with that tradition experientially. Ultimately, it seems that the Amma organization is obsessed with being the Amma organization and is mainly concerned with getting others caught up in its orbit in order to supply the organization with labor and donations. By following references to a Kali yantra online, I came across Peter Wilberg's work. While I got something about of that, and had some correspondence with him, I became dismayed by his odd political ideas. I read a couple of editions of the Devi Mahatmya and found that I didn't resonate all that well with it. Then I had some limited contact with Dan Konnor's work online. He seems fairly isolated and possibly very eccentric. It seems that the gay Vedanta/Tantra scene (William Schindler, Devatadatta Kali, Dan Konnor) is centered in LA.

My intuitive insight for the evening was that this recent upwelling of issues related to this somewhat dormant interest may be part of a healing process of dislodging and releasing pursuits related to my past. NAJ may be part of this as well. I listened to the Shaykha's prayer from the Night of Power online and asked myself if it would have been worth it to travel to NYC to be present for that. My sense was that it may not have been. I'm beginning to sense that, while Lex Hixon figured prominently in the development of my awareness of certain trends in spirituality in the late 20th century, it may ultimately be that his work has served as an introduction, but that none of the organizations with which he was associated will necessarily be appropriate destinations for me.



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