Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Četvrtak, 24 Zu-l-hidždže, 1436

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Jupiter

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Moses

Lunar phase: Last Quarter - Re-orientation (Phase names and keywords from Dane Rudhyar, The Lunation Cycle)

The Sun has passed through 14 Libra and is now in 15 Libra (in my 2nd house): Circular paths. After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction. (Symbols for 15 and 16 Libra from Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala)

In about a half hour, Venus will enter Virgo (in my 12th house). In about three hours, the Moon will enter Virgo. Less than a half hour after that, the Moon will enter its Balsamic phase, whose keyword is Release.

I went to New York. The concert was good. I had a fun conversation on the train with two alumni from the university where I teach. I slept well and slept in a bit. Still recovering from the cold.


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