October 7th, 2014

Hu design

David Smail

After writing the last entry, I was curious to see what David Smail was up to lately.

I looked him up on Google and found this.


The comments give a sampling of the kind of appreciation his work elicited, at least in some.


Hu design


I was at a Rosen appointment today. My back muscles really started to open up, revealing multiple layers of tension.

During the session, this song kept running through my head:

I remembered the music of the refrain and a couple of the Arabic words, but I didn't know the rest of the lyrics. I looked them up and this is what I found:


I looked at the sun and the blue sky
your seas, sweet and salty
I looked for a way to come near to you
For all that I am deeply thankful

I was told that the heart is the key of life
That every search happens inside it
The sense looks for you, the heart finds it
Allow me to reach you, my God

Glorious is God, generous is God
That we are dust on Ahmed's way
Glorious is God, generous is God
This bird keenly became a traveller
Glorious is God, generous is God
From the eye rivers flow for days
because of Ahmed

Every traveller you are calling to you
Simplify, my God, the way to you
The shining sun is not even a crumb
of the mercy that the traveller is getting warmed by

We travel to you in silent nights
We seek you in the whisper while dreaming
For you we purify our hearts
With your mercy we fly towards the sky