February 14th, 2015

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Lunar journal Jan-Feb 2015 day 26 (Rabi' ath-Thani 24 1436)

Around 1 a.m. today, the Moon transited my natal Moon in Sagittarius. This evening, just after Maghrib, the Moon will enter Capricorn.

I was feeling rather reclusive, as I had mentioned in my previous post. I ended up skipping the online jum'ah, and was able to take a 20-minute nap and still get some things done. I saw later on FB that Skype was acting up, so I probably wouldn't have been able to Skype in anyway (although I did see some comments to the effect that the audio may have been working). I have mixed feelings about the remote jum'ah. On the one hand, it is very good to hear from a variety of speakers, and to have women and men participate equally. On the other hand, I still find myself wanting the physical experience of congregational prayer.

I was feeling ambivalent about going to our friends' for dinner this evening, and slightly resentful that it conflicted with zikr. Well, our friend called to postpone the dinner, and the zikr has been cancelled, both due to concerns about the weather. After having spent the last three Saturdays on campus, I think I just need a catch-up weekend before I start thinking about ways to reach out socially again.

Yesterday Democracy Now replayed a radio interview with one of the Muslim students who had been killed in North Carolina that had been recorded several months before her death. It allowed me to learn a little bit about the young woman, and about how she and her husband-to-be were remembered by one of their elementary school teachers. I felt that I needed to resist the tendency to lecture or to "make points" on social media about this incident. My sole "contribution" was to link to the radio interview.

Astrology class was lively last night. We discussed issues related to the two female students in the class. The instructor also gave away some books that she collected from her former in-laws' house (for which she is the legal custodian--long story), including one of the few books by Dane Rudhyar that I don't already own, which she gave to me. When I browsed through it this morning, I noted that Rudhyar's business card was inside.