February 16th, 2015

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Lunar journal Jan-Feb 2015 day 28 (Rabi' ath-Thani 26 1436)

Very early this morning the Moon entered my 5th house. This evening it will enter Aquarius.

There were no transits or ingresses yesterday.

I was hoping to spend a little bit of quality time with my husband yesterday but I ended up working the whole day and almost, but not quite, finished what I had set out to do. Today I will have homework coming in from my larger classes, plus the quiz that they didn't take last Friday because of a weather-related cancellation earlier last week, plus the first round of tests from my graduate class. I am also supposed to meet with the department head and with my colleague to discuss the future of my area within the department. My husband took the day off work today: it is President's Day. I wont see him until nearly supper time.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go to Rosen. It will be interesting to see how successful I am in getting through all of that paperwork before Wednesday's classes.

One of the reasons I was working so intently this weekend was that I am trying to open up time in my schedule to resume putting comments on my advisee's dissertation proposal draft. The last time I looked at that was last Tuesday. I pushed so hard to get things done that day that I was totally wiped out when I got up on Wednesday morning. And last week we had a snow day on Monday. I probably would not have gotten to look at the proposal at all if we hadn't.