March 23rd, 2015

Hu design

Soli-lunar journal Mar-Apr 2015 day 04 (Jumaada ath-Thaaniyah 03 1436)

Very early this morning the Moon enetered my 9th house. Mercury entered my 7th house early this afternoon.

About a half hour ago, the Moon entered its 5th mansion, The Universal Body, whose letter is غ and whose Divine Name is The Manifest (#75 of the Asma ul-husna), الظَّاهِرُ.

As much as I may be relunctant to admit it, instead of feeling refreshed and ready to be back on campus, I felt dissatisfied all day. I couldn't bring myself to make jokes about it or post ironic comments on FB. This feels like a more serious malaise than that.

At this point, the only thing I can think of to do is to avoid pushing myself too hard with tasks that are unrewarding, and to try to find time on a more regular basis to do things that are more meaningful to me.