April 2nd, 2015

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Soli-lunar journal Mar-Apr 2015 day 14 (Jumaada ath-Thaaniyah 13 1436)

Yesterday I had some technical difficulties with the visual editor in the new version of LJ. (It kept erasing my entries after I typed them and then claimed that the text field was empty.) I have since switched back to the old version, which seems to be working properly.

Yesterday the Sun (in Aries) entered my 8th house, and the Moon transited Pluto in my 12th house. Those are traditionally considered to be inauspicious houses, but since I'm still here, suffice it to say that nothing dreadful befell me yesterday.

Just after midnight last night, the Moon crossed my Ascendant and entered my 1st house. About an hour later the Moon entered its 14th mansion, The Fourth Sky, which is the Heart of the World, Sky of Sun and House of Enoch, whose letter is ن and whose Divine Name is The Light (#93 of the Asma ul-husna), النُّورُ.

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle, dealing with academic integrity issues among some of the students as well as other obligations, but today I managed to find some time to consider moving forward in some of my projects. I also took a walk with my husband this morning, exercised by myself in the afternoon, and managed to practice the piano a little bit.