April 22nd, 2015

Hu design

Srijeda, 3 Redžeb, 1436

Planet: Mercury

Prophet: Jesus

The Sun is in 1 Taurus: An electrical storm (Sabian symbol for 2 Taurus)

The Moon is in 19 Gemini: A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions (Sabian symbol for 3 Taurus)

Today I'm writing in the morning today. Just before this past Isha, the Moon entered my 10th house.

Overnight the Moon entered its 7th mansion, The Throne, whose letter is ق and whose Divine Name is The All-Encompassing, الْمُحِيطُ.

I'm cooking oatmeal now in preparation for tomorrow morning, as I will be on campus from morning until evening and won't feel like cooking it when I come home. (I use steel-cut oats that take about 45 minutes to prepare. Since I typically don't want to wait for it to cook in the morning, I make up a batch and then refrigerate it, cut it into portions and then heat it in the microwave. My exciting life.)

I'm struggling with feelings of obligation to attend events on campus. I'll probably just cave in attend as much as I can, then withdraw and not speak to anyone from campus for a while after the semester is over.

I did manage to carve out some space, on Sunday and yesterday, to practice the piano a bit. Since I have committed to presenting a recital on campus in September, and since I finally replied to a letter to the composer, I feel that I don't want to suck if I can help it. I have finally overcome my resistance to isolating some of the technically challenging parts of the recital. Let's hope I can stick with that until I'm really ready to move on.