July 29th, 2015

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Venus cycle

I was working on my solar return chart for 2015 (i.e., the chart for the moment that the Sun returns to the precise zodiacal position it occupied at birth) this morning.

When I came to the section of the book I'm using that deals with Venus, it was mentioned that Venus returns to approximately the same position in the solar return chart every 8 years. It was suggested that one take a look at previous solar return (SR) charts when Venus occupied the same location that it will in the coming year.

I'm not sure why I didn't do this last year, when I worked with this book for the first time, but I tried it this time nonetheless.

Backing up 8 years from the coming solar return, that was the time that my mother moved from a rehabilitation facility to home hospice, i.e. the beginning of the end for her. It was also the last time that I attended the main annual North American conference in my academic discipline. I'm planning to attend that conference this year.

Backing up 8 years further, my husband and I were in our first house and were--naturally--working on home improvements. (This year, once again, seems to be one for home improvements.) I was living in the Atlanta area at that time, had made friends with some gay Muslims, and was looking for a local tariqat affiliation.

Backing up 8 years more, I was teaching as a graduate assistant for the first time.

8 years prior to that, I was a senior in college, dealing with love life complications and trying to figure out what to (attempt to) do for a career.

8 years prior to that, I was in 8th grade, having just returned to public school after spending a year at a private school.

8 years prior to that, I was in kindergarten.

Each time, Venus was in late 21 or early 22 Virgo, in the 1st house of my natal chart, and direct (i.e., not retrograde).

A number of notable beginnings, and endings.


Hu design

Četvrtak, 14 Ševval, 1436

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Jupiter

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Moses

The Sun is in 6 Leo (in my 11th house): A great conqueror looks up at the crumbling Sphinx, backdropped by the brilliant stars of the Egyptian sky. (Symbol for 7 Leo from Martin Goldsmith, The Zodiac by Degrees, 2nd ed.)

The Moon is in the 2nd decan of Capricorn (in my 4th house): appreciation of the magical inner forms of nature; mischievous play of occult forces. (Keywords from Martin Goldsmith, Moon Phases: A Symbolic Key)

The Sun and Moon have passed through their 12th phase (with the Moon between 150 and 160 degrees ahead of the Sun): The Warrior King. Tenth century England; a throne room hung with banners picturing rampant lions. The King warily confers with his astrologer, befoe re-entering the battle raging outside. They are now in their 13th phase (the Moon is between 160 and 170 degrees ahead of the Sun): The Dancer. A beaming hula girl at a harvest luau, dancing beneath the sweltering Hawaiian Sun. (Symbol from Goldsmith, Moon Phases)

Later this evening, the Moon will enter my 5th house. In the late afternoon, the Moon will enter Aquarius (in my 5th house).

The mold remediation man was here this morning. He was cute. He recommended that I have the bathroom vent redirected outside before having mold remediation done. (The bathroom vent currently flows into the attic.) He also said that I should get a few opinions on options for ventilating the attic, as it can be counterproductive to combine too many methods. (This makes it seem like an even better idea that I held off on having the job done that was originally proposed on Saturday.)

Other than that I worked on astrology and did some practicing. It was hot during the day, and I really didn't feel like doing university-related work.