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Petak/Džuma 23 Rebi'u-l-evvel 1438

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Dec. 22nd, 2016 | 05:30 pm
music: Necropolis - Morning Air

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Venus

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Joseph

The Sun is in 1 Capricorn (in my 4th house) Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war. (Symbol for 2 Capricorn from Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala)

The Moon is at 22Lib03 (in my 2nd house). Lunar mansion (according to Ibn 'Arabi): 16, The Sixth Sky, Sky of Mercury and House of Jesus, letter Ṭā, The Numberer (Al-Muḥṣī)

Lunar phase: Last Quarter - Re-orientation (Phase names and keywords from Dane Rudhyar, The Lunation Cycle)

In about 3 hours and 45 minutes, the Moon will transit my natal Mercury (in my 2nd house). About an hour after that, Mars will transit my natal Jupiter (in my 6th house). In the morning, the Moon will enter Scorpio (in my 2nd house).

Still generating assignments. Took a break to hang out with a former student for part of the day today, however. Also, a new grandneice was born this morning.



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