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Ponedjeljak 30 Džumade-l-ula 1438

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Feb. 26th, 2017 | 06:37 pm
music: Phelios - Deadspace

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Moon

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Adam

The Sun is in 8 Pisces (in my 6th house) A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals. (Symbol for 9 Pisces from Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala)

The Moon is at 13Pis07 (in my 6th house). Lunar mansion (according to Ibn 'Arabi): 27, The Man, letter Mīm, The Uniter (Al-Jāmi‘)

Lunar phase: New Moon - Emergence (Phase names and keywords from Dane Rudhyar, The Lunation Cycle)

Haindl Tarot: Nine of Swords: Cruelty (Agonized Thought); I Ching: 6, Sung (Conflict); Reversed I Ching: 5, Hsu (Waiting)

Overnight, the Moon will enter my 7th house. In the morning, Mercury will transit my natal Jupiter (in my 6th house).

Went to the Sufi study group in the next state this past morning. It was nice to see them again. My husband did the laundry this week. Worked at home and exercised. Looking forward to going to bed early.



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