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Ponedjelkjak 15 Džumade-l-ula 1440

Planet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Moon

Prophet of the day (according to Ibn 'Arabi): Adam

The Sun is in 1 Aquarius (in my 5th house): An unexpected thunderstorm. (Symbol for 2 Aquarius from Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala)

The Moon is at 5Leo30 (in my 11th house). Lunar mansion (according to Ibn 'Arabi): 10, The Sphere of Stations, Sky of Fixed Stars, Sun of Paradise and Roof of Hell, letter Shīn, The Powerful (Al-Muqtadīr)

Lunar phase: Full Moon - Fulfillment (phase names and keywords from Dane Rudhyar, The Lunation Cycle)

At about 15 minutes after midnight, the Moon entered its Full Moon phase (in my 11th house). About an hour and 20 minutes after that, Venus entered my 4th house. About an hour and a half before sabah, the Moon transited my North Node (in my 11th house). About 20 minutes after ikindija, the Moon will transit my natal Mars.

This full moon was, of course, the much-publicized super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse. It did, in fact, fall on a sensitive place in my natal chart, as I have my natal lunar nodes within a few degrees of the location of the soli-lunar opposition. I also have an opposition between Mars and Saturn (the traditional malefic planets) within a few degrees of the nodal axis, all of which is square to my Sun-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio.

After taking a short trip down memory lane with respect to astrology studies and consultations from 12 years ago in my previous entry, I decided to enroll in a short self-paced astrology course at the online Astrology University. When I was browsing online to see what had become of Blaschke's astrology course (I believe his wife had taken it over after his death), I found that some pages of his website were being redirected to the Astrology University site and that promotions for books by evolutionary astrology authors were appearing on some of those pages. At first I thought Blaschke's site had been hijacked, but eventually I discovered that Astrology University is now housing some of his video lectures (but not the specific course in which I was enrolled). As I explored the site further, I saw some familiar names and faces and realized that this is a resource that brings together material on evolutionary astrology with other approaches.

My attention was drawn in particular to an introductory course by Kelly Surtees, an Australian astrologer. I decided to purchase the course and to begin it. I have a terrible track record when it comes to completing astrology courses. Either I begin a course and run out of time to complete it, or I get stuck on some aspect of it that is beyond my ability or confidence level, or I go off on tangents and never get back to the course, or I discovered a political or philosophical incompatibility with the instructor and get turned off. As I began to do the first reading for Kelly Surtees's course, I felt on familiar ground because it is an article by Greg Bogart, who is a Rudhyar-influenced astrologer-therapist. My first professional consultation was with Greg Bogart (back in 2004): I still have the cassette tape of the session (haha). He sent me one of his books gratis: in fact, it is the same book on which the assigned article was based. I had recently become curious about what he had been up to lately and came across a reference to his most recent astrology book, which I then purchased.

I am continuing to prepare for the beginning of the new semester. My syllabi are written, as are the first few assignments for my classes. I am also continuing to work on my article while keeping things moving along with the graduate program. I have been disappointed with myself for not finding time to practice over the past couple of days, but perhaps I will get back to that today.



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