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Subota 7 Ševval 1441

Last Saturday I participated in an online workshop on dreams and astrology. Participants were encouraged to bring a dream (recent or from the past) along with their natal chart.

The dream I chose was the one I had in May 2003 that appeared to presage my meeting the former friend who introduced me to his guru.

Although it was not required (or even recommended), I wrote out the dream and emailed it to the workshop presenter in advance of the workshop, partly in order to remind myself of some of the dream's details (since it had happened so long ago).

Here is the report of the dream as I sent it to the workshop presenter:

"Brief background: In the early-to-mid 90s, when I was a graduate student, I had some involvement with two Sufi orders in New York as well as with the Ramakrishna Center there. A big influence at the time was the work of Lex Hixon (Shaykh Nur), who expressed the harmony among religions by being a practitioner in several traditions. I then moved to another part of the country in 1996 and eventually became established in a Sufi order there. By the time I had the dream that is reported below, I had relocated back to my home state in 2002 and was looking for ways to connect with mystical spiritual organizations in the area. It may also be significant that, a few weeks after I relocated, my mother (who lived a couple of states away at that time) was diagnosed with malignant brain cancer. She underwent treatments for several years before ultimately succumbing to the cancer in late 2007.

The dream (as recorded at the time in a handwritten journal, slightly edited for clarity):

May 11, 2003,  6:47 a.m.

This morning I had a dream that I was in a large, somewhat old house returning a book that I had borrowed from the swami who lived there. [I had, in fact, borrowed books from the library at the Ramakrishna Center in New York in the 1990s.] I placed the book on a shelf that was attached to the swami’s desk. I then looked for a blank piece of paper on which to write a note thanking the swami for letting me borrow the book. I searched and searched, but every piece of paper on the desk had already been written on. I didn’t want to confuse the swami by writing a note on something that already had writing on it.

I then looked into the next room and a man approached me from there. I told him that I was looking for a piece of paper on which to write a note to the swami. He went to a cabinet to get me a post-it note, but then informed me that the swami had left to go to India. The man seemed disappointed and seemed not to approve of what had evidently been a hasty decision. I said, “I suppose it would be easier for him to receive attention there,” but the man tried to adjust my perspective by responding, “He feels he could be of more service to people there.” The swami’s departure seemed to have something to do with some diseases in India.

As I went to leave the house, I took what appeared to be a wrong turn. I hesitated before leaving through a pair of doors at the back of the house because it seemed to lead out to an enclosed garden. I spoke to some people in the house and ended up exiting from a different door, accompanied by a young woman and a man. As we walked down the street, the woman made a comment that “the Romans” might be offended by the use of silver on a piece of jewelry she was wearing. I informed her that, while I had been raised Roman Catholic, I no longer practiced it, and in any case I don’t pay much attention to regional cultural prejudices. I then commented that I am surprised that my parents hadn’t freaked out more that I am practicing Islam. I then showed her the silver-plated Sufi medallion that I often wear (usually concealed beneath my shirt).

The follow-up: The evening of the next day, my partner went to a meeting at his Catholic church and met a young spiritual seeker there who had been to India several times. My partner got his email address because he knew that I was interested in meeting other spiritual seekers in the area. When I met this person I underwent something of a spontaneous initiation that unfolded for several days. After speaking with him further I arranged to attend a retreat with his guru’s organization and began an involvement with that organization that lasted for nearly 10 years. Soon after that retreat, my friend left for an extended stay in India and I regretted that I had been able to spend so little time with him before he left. I wish I could say that we had remained friends and that I had remained involved in the organization, but life is rarely so simple. I gradually came to realize that my friend had a difficult family background and was deeply troubled. I tried to find other friends in the organization to fill the role of companion spiritual seeker (a role that seemed to be really important to me at the time), but each time there were problems. Eventually I distanced myself from the organization and resumed my former spiritual practices. During the period in which I was gradually separating from the organization, a number of scandals about the guru and the organization began to circulate online. I separated from the organization completely in early 2013. Later that year a powerful exposé was published by the guru’s former personal assistant.

I have calculated the transits for the approximate time of my dream and have noted a surprising number of transiting conjunctions and oppositions to natal planets. I also noticed that transiting Neptune was square to its natal position to within 8 minutes."

The discussion of this dream and of its associated astrology was brief, as every participant was granted about 20 minutes each. Nonetheless, I gained a deeper appreciation of the astrological perspectives of the members of the local astrology organization that sponsored the workshop and I was able to experience how the presenter applies therapeutic interventions to his work. While I received some validation for the extraordinary astrological configurations of the time of the dream (suggesting that this was a special moment in my life) and for the evidently precognitive elements of the dream, the discussion had the effect of returning the dream to me, whereas I had tended to remain caught up in the aftermath of the dream and of what it supposedly meant about the spiritual and social opportunities that I expected myself to be able to receive unproblematically as a result. For one thing, perhaps the problems and the separations that occurred were precisely what I was "supposed" to be taking from this situation. On the other hand, there were dynamics within the dream that pointed both back to my prehistory prior to the dream and to my growing skepticism following the peak experiences that occurred after the dream.

In terms of present astrological configurations, the presenter pointed out that transiting Uranus was opposing my natal Sun. That aspect became exact two days ago and will become exact twice more over the next year. This aspect suggests that this is a good time to question who I see myself as being i the present and how I might be open to growth and change, even if some of that is unpredictable or unexpected in the months to come.



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