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The following from Peter Wilberg's blog reminded me of something I experienced last week:

Once again there was an awareness of feeling all that could be seen ‘out there’ – whether different densities of cloud, seagulls and waves, aeroplane vapour trails, or ‘man-made’ things such as brick walls, cars, Victorian lampposts, garage doors, drainpipes, brass doorknobs, metal road signs, a painted dustbin – as erotically sensuous shapes and textures of soul, sensed ‘in here’ - within my body. At the same time all motions of wave or cloud, planes or persons were felt as being in perfect harmony with the music playing in the background – as if orchestrated by it.
Sensuous Awareness Bliss is both ecstasy and ‘in-stacy’. For like the nature of the Soul Body itself, Awareness is ‘ec-static’, extending ‘out there’, beyond the boundaries of the flesh and surrounding, touching and feeling in a most sensuous and tactile way anything sighted at a distance in space. Yet at the same time Awareness is also ‘in here’, feeling each thing sighted within the boundaries of the flesh as a sensuous shape and texture of inner-bodily awareness - the ‘Soul Body’.

What I especially noted this time however, was that things I would normally perceive as ugly, decayed or ‘shabby’ appeared like the most wonderful works of art – as if any one of them (the painted dustbin for example) could have been placed in its own empty room in an art museum as a mesmerising abstract sculpture or creative ‘installation’.

I was driving back from my Rosen appointment when I noticed the large recycling bins lined up along the side of the road. For some reason that I didn't understand, their presence stimulated an awareness within me that felt uncomfortably intense, as if I had done acid or mushrooms and were having difficulty turning down the intensity of the vibrations from the recycling bins.

Perhaps this is a time of awakening awareness of some sort.




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