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Dream reflection

I mentioned in the comments to a previous post that I had shared my account of the dream with Peter Wilberg to see if he might have any comments to offer. Here is a portion of what he wrote in response:

Toward the end of the Rosen session there was a sense of relaxation in which the heart was able to "float" in a supported space effortlessly, and the image I had was of a full moon with wispy clouds moving in front of it. I realized almost immediately that this was a typically Shaivite image.

This to me seems to be the most important 'felt awareness' to stay with - anticipated most presciently by the dream - and then reflected in the image of the full moon. 

Perhaps then, you had the dream as an initiation in the literal sense of a initial preparation - preparing you see, respect and stay with the sacred and initiatory character (as opposed to purely therapeutic or transient nature) of  this new, relaxed bodily of self - floating effortlessly in an unbounded yet supportive and safe space.   

For in strict anatomical terms, the heart. as an internal organ does not in fact not require any "cradling" by back or chest muscles - hence also no need for "a tremendous amount of energy behind the heart and solar plexus, as if trying to protect them from some kind of threat".   

And the true space of the heart - 'the Divine Heart of Shiva' - is not bounded or cradled by the body at all. Instead its "supportive cradle" is space - an infinite all-surrounding space of awareness that transcends the confines of the head in which thoughts enter and exit, come and go - and transcends too all the fleshly and muscular boundaries of the body as a whole.   

If we allow ourselves to be this space, and let those fleshly boundaries dividing inner and outer 'spaces' dissolve, we do not feel "small" or "invisible". We become the ex-static expanse of pure awareness - become Shiva - and can move like "wispy clouds" within it.

This is the meaning of Khechari mudra.

The words 'Sheikh' and 'Khechari' share a common root in the Sanskrit kha - meaning 'situated in the sky'.

Practicing Khechari mudra does not mean becoming dissociated or disconnected from our bodies - ceasing to be fully aware of them.

For as I teach, even the most intense awareness of our bodies is not itself anything bodily - and nor is it spatially bounded by the body. 

Awareness is Shiva. Bodyhood is Shakti. The relation of Shiva and Shakti is like the relation of space itself to all bodies within it.

Shiva is the cosmic space or ether of awareness whose light and fire that finds its own soothing reflection in the moon.

Thank you so much for the lovely image of the moon in the night sky - the Dark Mother with her Dark Matter

[back to me:]

Even though my Rosen appointment occurred prior to the dream (and not the other way around), still I think there is a connection in the symbolism that arose during the appointment and in the dream.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Kalyai Namaha


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