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Someone from India friended me on FB. It seemed to me that he was probably trolling people's profiles to see who might be interested in Hinduism, in order to promote a favored perspective of his own. But I thought I'd play along and see what happened.

Today he began a chat session with me in which he asked me about my knowledge of Indian philosophy. From there he declared that Chindi [sic: actually Chandi] whom I worship [sic] is a lower deity with little power. Coincidentally, I was passively "doing" my sadhana by listening to a recitation of the 1000 Names of the Goddess (Lalita Sahasranama) at that time. I responded that his was one opinion, evidently from a sectarian perspective. He tried to convince me that his was actually a broad perspective and wished to try to "prove" this to me. I responded that he evidently had a perspective to sell, and I had work to do, so bye-bye.

What was interesting for me, however, was how much energy of an envigorating and pleasant kind I was feeling in my heart as I deflected his comments. Even though I generally regard my "devotion" or "faith" as being rather weak and diffuse, evidently there is enough "there" there to gather into some kind of energetic force if need be.

In retrospect, it seems I used to have feelings like that more frequently when I was practicing Sufism, perhaps because Islam is so frequently under attack in this culture, from so many different quarters. And, certainly, trying to maintain a broad Sufi perspective within a sectarian Sunni perspective could bring about these feelings as well.

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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