Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Black Moon

I had heard of this hypothetical point in astrology before but--since there are so many standard points (planets, angles, nodes) to learn anyway--I had passed over looking at it.

I saw a mention of it today in an FB message from an astrology magazine I subscribe to and decided to look it up.

Essentially it has to do with the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. It is generally taken to represent Shadow-like qualities (as its name implies).

Out of curiosity I plotted its position in my natal chart. Then I realized that Saturn had passed over this point some time within the last several months. I located the exact date as being in late October.

I remember feeling really let down by the last time I went to satsang (as I had mentioned in a previous post). I think that, more than being a negative projection onto satsang, it was more a matter of feeling an absence of the positive projections that I had been relying on there, which were perhaps starting to falter in a more fundamental way than they had before.

Anyway, that's what came out of my initial investigation into the Black Moon.



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