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I recently had a phone conversation with an astrologer, one of whose books I'm currently reading and whose blog I've been following. During our conversation I mentioned the difficult status of Venus in my natal chart. One of its issues is that it is retrograde, and is in fact the only retrograde planet in my natal chart. I read in this astrologer's blog this morning that it can be useful to trace the changes of direction of retrograde planets by a technique called secondary progression. (Essentially, in secondary progression a degree of the zodiac equals one year of life.) Another thing to look at is when the progressed retrograde planet returns to its place in the natal chart.

I tried this on Venus in my nat al chart. What I found was that, at the time that my progressed Venus changed from retrograde to direct, my partner broke off the affair he had been having in Germany. That was the beginning of a process of reconciliation and of negotiating the possibility of our getting back together. The affair, of course, began while transiting Pluto passed over my natal Venus for the third of three times within a period of about 9 months.

Progressed Venus returns to is natal position in 2024, which is when I would be 61 years old.

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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