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Strange world

As I mentioned some time ago, after following the mystical/psychological writings of Peter Wilberg for some time, I became dismayed when he began to enter the realm of politics more overtly. I'm not sure if "politics" is really the right word, as it seems that his efforts are more properly to be regarded as ideology projected into a poltical (or quasi-political) realm.

This past July he posted something on his blog about Pan-Eurasianism and declared it to be the political expression of The New Yoga. I traced some of the sources that he cited and confirmed my suspicions that some of the core people and ideologies that he referenced are questionable, to put it mildly. One of the main figures in this scenario is Alexandr Dugin, whose work seems to have been discredited definitively decades ago.

It is, however, through Wilberg that I learned about the RT (formerly Russian Times) news network. It provides a generally bracing look at situations from a number of parts of the world, but it also has some strange features. For example, RT has endorsed Ron Paul consistently, even making it look like he's been winning a larger share of caucuses and primaries than has actually been the case. This began to make more sense when I found a discussion about this on Democratic Underground, in which someone pointed out that the Russian Federation would prefer a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy, and that RT is probably counting on the fact that there are American lefties who still harbor sympathies for the former Soviet Union and who may find themselves attracted to some features of libertarian rhetoric.

A recent story on RT was about an FBI crackdown on anti-Latino cops in East Haven, CT. The mayor (who happens to be the uncle of someone I had an affair with several years ago) was quoted for his now infamous reply to the question, "What do you plan to do for the Latino community?": "Have tacos for dinner." East Haven bigotry (which is notorious in CT) on full view via the propandistic international wing of the Russian news agency: OMG.

This morning I went back to Wilberg's post about Pan-Eurasianism and noticed, through following some links, that he had posted an open letter to Alexandr Dugin (unanswered, so far as I can tell) in which he announced the establishment of the National People's Party in the U.K., whose creation (by Wilberg) is predicated on some rather fanciful-sounding conspiracy theories about bankers. In some respects, it reminds of me of reprints from German cartoons of the 1930s that I've seen in books. It's strange to see this kind of stuff being dusted off and resurrected, but then again there are some very old ideas surfacing even in mainstream politics these days. In any event, Wilberg mentions some renegade western economists in his letter, including Max Keiser, who broadcasts a highly satirical economy-themed show regularly on RT. Today I was watching a clip of the Max Keiser show and learned that his sidekick, Stacy Herbert, is from CT. Weird.

Well, I guess I'd better get my act together and head to campus. BTW, the dept head sent around an email yesterday about graffiti and defacement in the music building. Evidently, someone recently took a shit on one of the practice pianos. The discussion among students on FB has been quite entertaining.

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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