Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Routledge Colloquial Slovak

I decided to try to learn a little bit of Slovak and found out online that Routledge had recently revised the Slovak book and audio from its Colloquial series. It's very British. I like the main English speaker's accent, as it reminds of me of having been in London last April. Among the Slovak speakers are a man and a woman who sound almost unnaturally clear, as if they have had acting training, but there is also a man who is quite nasal and sounds more like a typical native speaker (kind of like the people in the Morena video).

When I was a kid, in about 6th grade, I saw the film Dr. Zhivago. It blew me away. I became fascinated with the Cyrllic alphabet and began trying to teach myself some Russian. I had not yet begun to study a foreign language in school, and I found the descriptions and examples of Russian grammar to be somewhat forbidding. Once I began to study French in school the next year I was able to better understand the necessity of learning grammar along with vocabulary, and continued studying some Russian on my own, until my interests turned to other things. What I find interesting as I begin to study Slovak (which, of course, is one of the Slavic languages that uses the Latin alphabet) is that, when I listen to it or read it aloud, the Cyrllic forms of words that are common with or similar to Russian will pop into my mind involuntarily. It's interesting that that stuff is still there from some 35-40 years ago.

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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