Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
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A spambot got into my main email account this week. I seem to have been able to stop it by changing my email password.

On the morning that that happened, I noticed that my daily astrology report showed that Uranus was forming a 60-degree angle to the place where Saturn is in my natal chart. Uranus is often associated with surprises and snafus, including those having to do with technology. The message that I was getting was that, perhaps, this minor annoyance might have some constructive outcomes associated with it.

I found that a number of people that I had been out of touch with because of work, or for various other reasons, contacted me after receiving spam from my account. One of the people who contacted me is an astrologer I had spoken with in January. He sent me a link about an online course that he will be taking later this month. Reading between the lines, I gathered that he might enjoy it if I were to take the course, too, and perhaps we could then have a common basis for further discussion. (He's a Virgo, so it's sometimes necessary to read between the lines to see what he may be getting at. ;-) ) This seems like something I might benefit from, and I'm frankly tired of allowing work to dominate my life the way it has all semester. I'm working on finishing up as much advance prep as I can, so I can then turn my attention to other things.

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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