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So, there was a bit of drama over the last few weeks.

There is a curricular issue under discussion and, because it was feared that one of the faculty would try to filibuster, a couple of faculty meetings were canceled at the last minute. It was also the case that job candidates were on campus, interviewing for faculty vacancies, and it was feared that something would be said to them if the issue were pursued while they were being interviewed.

The faculty finally met last week, and one of my colleagues had the department head read a prepared statement, since he needed to be out of town for professional reasons. The prepared statement severely chastised a particular faculty member (without specifically naming names), and then the rest of us had to sit there and listen to the unnamed faculty member make counter-accusations for the rest of the meeting. It was so stupid.

The latest minutes from the executive committee, which has met once since that disastrous faculty meeting, state that it is unclear at the present time whether there will be a faculty meeting next week; that plans for the faculty "retreat" next August were discussed tentatively (snore); and that the issue of the frequency of faculty meetings is being reviewed. Say what?

So absurd. I just stand back and let people destroy their credibility as they see fit. It's as if they're in a feeding frenzy: best not to get in the middle of it.

The colleague who wrote the prepared statement used to be my faculty mentor. On occasion he would lecture me patronizingly about the "tone" of things I had said or written, and about my perceived attitude toward the place. "Tone"? You wanna talk "tone"? What about that prepared statement? GMAFB! It was actually interesting to see someone chafe under the sting of this former mentor's supposedly diplomatically chosen words. I've been there.

Of course, the one who was in the hot seat this time was one of a few who voted against my reappointment several years ago because they were mad at this former mentor of mine. Don't get much sympathy from me....

Two more weeks of classes, then finals, the bye-bye for the summer. :-)

Om Kreem Kalyai Namaha,


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