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A couple of weeks ago, the younger brother of a former student contacted me by email. He wrote that he had some questions about meditation and Buddhism and his brother suggested he contact me.

We met today for lunch and talked for about 2 hours, and then meditated on the lawn for 20 minutes. Soon after that, rain started coming down, so our timing was good.

He's a very earnest young man. He was a somewhat indifferent student in high school, began a business major in his freshman year, but then changed to electrical engineering. He's taking some courses this summer in order to stay on track in his major. His brother was a real joker and, while this guy has a sense of humor, he has a sense of drive and gravity, and a hunger to make the most of his experiences. It seems that he had something of an intellectual awakening during his first year of college, and is trying to find a balance between working hard to fill in gaps in his background and trying not to let his drive separate him too much from other people in his environment.

I'm still processing my impression of him. He seems really solid. He's also pretty intense. I hope he does well in whatever he chooses to do.



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