Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

Why I didn't party after DOMA was struck down

I'm going to write this here, pseudonymously, rather than to post on FB.

I have mixed feelings about the "marriage equality" bandwagon. Yes, improved legal protections are important, and may have decisive impacts on the lives of some people. That, of course, should be happening, unopposed, anyway. It's neomedieval that it's such a struggle for that to happen.

There may be backlash. There are deep-seated cultural hatreds that rear their ugly heads (and tentacles) with every increase in visibility of the GLBT population (or any of its subcomponents). I wish I could say that I believe that that sort of thing is merely a temporary setback (or series of setbacks) on the way to a permanent improvement in status. I'm not sure I believe so firmly in linear models of progress any more.

I'm concerned about "pinkwashing," i.e. giving some privileges to middle-class GLB people (maybe not so much for T people) that, yes, they should have been enjoying all along anyway, so as to deflect the attention of well-meaning middle-class liberals away from the very, very serious problems that we face as a nation--and as international communities--problems that ultimately (to greater or lesser degrees, based largely on socioeconomic class) affect us all.

I don't understand all of the technical details and/or implications of either decision, but the general impression is that the striking down of the Voting Rights Act was a considerable step backwards.

So, there we have it in the U(N)SA.

Another reason that I dind't "party" is that, well, let's see, I'm not connected with a gay/lesbian social circle the way I was when I lived in another state. It also happens that I have chosen to begin fasting in advance of Ramadan, since I had already committed to traveling with my father during the last 10 days of Ramadan before I knew that I would be resuming Sufi-related spiritual practices. More on that later.



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