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In browsing around online for information on Sean Paul Lockhart, an actor that I mentioned in my previous post, I noted that he was born on Oct 31, 1986. Not only would that place his Sun in Scorpio, but it would place his Sun very near to mine, since I was born on Nov 1 (although 24 years prior to him).

I had been struck by some comments, quoted in Cobra Killer (the book about SPL's murdered former porn filmmaker), but a perceptive and articulate blogger on gay porn, who noted among SPL's characteristics that he was very sexual, frighteningly intelligent, and highly manipulative. This sounded like a stereotypical description of Scorpio personality traits, so I decided to draw up a hypothetical birthchart to see if he had more than just Sun in Scorpio. (The chart is hypothetical since it is based on date and location, without precise knowledge of birth time.)

What I found was quite interesting: Pluto, Sun, and Venus are all in Scorpio, clustered close together, with Pluto and the Sun within the same degree of the zodiac. I also noted that all of the planets in his chart were concentrated within the second half of the zodiac, from Libra through Pisces, giving a sense of, as it were, reaping of a karmic harvest from the past.

I was reminded, too, that when he was born, I was dealing with parental rejection over my relationship with my husband, and that I also had a female boss from hell at work. These manifestations are fairly typical for Pluto transiting (temporarily passing over) the Sun in one's natal chart, particularly when Pluto is in a place of strength such as Scorpio (the sign which it is generallys aid to rule in modern astrology).

But having Pluto conjunct (very close to) the Sun in one's natal chart would lead one to expect difficulties of this sort to constitute frequent themes in one's life, if not permanent conditions. In SPL's case, he never knew his father, his mother abandoned him and his siblings at some point during his childhood, and he was raised mainly by his stepfather. During his teens he relocated in order to move in with his mother, but she neglected him financially and emotionally, and he then became involved with an older boyfriend who introduced him to drugs and promiscious sex, and who helped to launch his career in porn films. Much of his life since then has consisted of a series of attempts to overcome the negative effects of his past and to establish himself in legitimate mainstream film work.

In my poking around I came across references to a film called Truth, in which he has his first starring role. The film was shot last year and is starting to make it to festivals. His blog about the film ( is interesting, and shows another Scorpionic trait: an uncompromising confrontation with difficult truths, even if the telling of them can be harsh or even hurtful. Since I find myself in a similar frame of mind as I approach the coming academic year, I have to say that I have some respect for where he seems to be coming from.



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