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Shower rant

OK, so I woke up with painfully tense muscles between my shoulder blades this morning. I resolved that I was going to do my exercise DVD with free weights today, and I did.

Sometimes this brings up "difficult" feelings that would otherwise remain dormant.

So, while I was in the shower I found myself launching into a rant about the university. It felt pretty good, almost like the rants I used to have when I did hypnotherapy. (There, one way to get out aggression while one was lying on one's back on a futon was to bang a piece of rubber fire hose on the floor. I remember one time, in the middle of a rant, saying to the hypnotherapist, "Where's that fuckin' hose?" Hahahaha.)

But seriously, if I had gone off on a rant in class like the one I had in the shower, there would be panic, complaints, meetings, reprimands, etc. It's just not worth it, even though I believe there was plenty of "truth value" in my rant.

People at my institution just can't bear to hear too much truth. It freaks them out. Then they try to apply social pressure to get people to retract it. (Retract this!)

So, fine: live mediocre, die mediocre, whatever-the-fuck, it's your life, assalaamu 'alaikum.


Tags: academia, rants

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