Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

The Power & The Glory

On Saturday night I went to see White Lies in Boston. I had been wanting to catch them on tour since I became aware of their music in 2010. Lately I've been doing a better job of keeping up with bands than I used to, so I made sure to get a ticket for a concert on their tour for their new album, which came out over the summer.

The gig was in a smallish club, and it was perhaps the most intimate setting I had been in for a headlining rock band. I waited in line until the doors opened, and overheard some conversations among the other people in line, including two couples who flew up from Florida for the concert.

It was a solid set, and they performed it well. For some reason, the song that affected me the most was Power & Glory. It's definitely not one of their better efforts tunewise, but it can be uplifting live. The song is about a young man who is stepping away from a relationship. He seems to have experienced all of the growth that he is likely to experience in that relationship. Maybe it's because of that growth that he realizes that he is ready to, and that he needs to, leave.

When I heard the song at the concert, I began to have one of those transcendent moments that I sometimes have when I'm at a rock concert. It was as if some kind of dimension opened up that allowed me to connect with my late mother and to allow for some healing of that relationship. In a sense, that experience connects with a verse that is not on the clip below, but which is the one with which the song opens:

What if I were to disobey
Give you back the power?
Would I be punished like a child
And left on my own?
Would you think me ungrateful
And send me away
If I couldn't make you happy?

The clip cuts in at the beginning of the chorus:

As empty handed leaving as I was when I came
Tiptoeing through the rubble and running through the flames

Having recently learned that a friend is moving on from a spiritual teacher he has had for a while, viewing this song on video made me think of that as well.



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