Khalid Hussain (khalid_hussain) wrote,
Khalid Hussain

On being "too sensitive"

Recently, an astrologer that I know complimented (on FB) another astrologer on his evolving online astrology course.

I was a student in an earlier version of this course--at the suggestion of the astrologer who made the compliment--and I left it with a mixed impression.

Unfortunately, when I begin to study online with astrologers, I tend to learn things about their metaphysical foundations that seem naive, misguided, politically conservative, etc., and that really bothers me.

In this case, what bothered me even more was that I brought up an issue in the "class" that was discussed--in my opinion not terribly sensitively or sympathetically--by the astrologer who was conducting the course.

One simply does not tell me, when I am in emotional pain about something, that the "problem" is that I am "too sensitive." That's just adding insult to injury. That kind of comment is not about me, or about the situation that I'm presenting. It's about the other person trying to distance him- or herself from the experience of emotional pain. When I'm in emotional pain, I don't care about whether the other person is distancing him- or herself from emotional pain. And I certainly don't want to be pressured to enable them to distance themselves from emotional pain at my expense.

What I realized this morning, as I reflected back on that situation, is that when I have fallen into an emotional "hole," I either find people who are willing and qualified to help me on the journey of discovery to which I am being called at that moment, or I don't. If someone is truly helpful, they are welcome to accompany me on that journey: if not, then I  must separate from them and continue on my own, or find someone else who is willing and qualified to accompany me on that journey.



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